Paolo Fresu, an eclectic and really gifted artist, is the most famous Italian trumpet-player in the world and is offering us another amazing album, this time connected with the cinema: “7/8” is the soundtrack of the last Stefano Landini’s movie.

PAOLO FRESU Quintet 'The original soundtrack of the Stefano Landini’s movie'

The title “7/8” (sever eighth) is referred to the jazz tempo, the musical genre inspiring the whole project.

Here relationship between music and images are really closed in such a way that each frame is completed by the notes, and the vice-versa losing the border lines.

But music, poetic and involve, is also living by itself and is able to pass on amazing emotions and to stir up reflection moments.

Paolo Fresu and his Quintet have been also involved in the shooting. Three songs played in a perfect synch are included in the story, they are performed by Ettore Fiovanti, Roberto Cipelli, Attilio Zanchi Tino Tracanna next to Paolo Fresu: Gio‘ Cervi’s Ballad (Set session), Gio‘ Cervi’s Blues (Set session) e Gio‘ Cervi’s Anatole (Set session).

„Recording the music for “7/8” was a real challenge for me
The challenge of the production time (they were really close in the hot summer of 2006 with thousand concerts and travels) but above all a language challenge.

7/8 is a story set during the fascism period – II World war – when jazz was just moving his first steps in Italy with Ellington sounds hidden among the songs allowed by the regime.

The challenge was also to record a soundtrack that was not set in those years but in the following decade and inspired by Miles Davis
I hope it worked out and I hope I didn’t twist the spirit and the historical direction of this movie

It’s a soundtrack inspired by a story where the music becomes a telling and begins a fascinating trip helped by images and characters who appears and disappears through the opera.

All this is interpreted by my Quintet with whom I’ve had the honor to share great musical experiences.“ Paolo Fresu – 01.2010

Some words about the movie: A David di Donatello and a Coppa Volpi at the “Mostra del Cinema” in Venezia “7/8” is the fist movie about Italian jazz in the 40es.

Dramatic, enthralling and full of great Italian interprets (Roberto Citran, Ernesto Mahieux, Fabrizio Nicastro) the movie tells about the censorship and the mistrust that surrounded actors and musicians in the Italian jazz world during the fascism. It’s enough to think that the jazz was seen as a menace for the italic melody.

For further information:

PAOLO FRESU Quintet Tracklist

Ascensore Per Il Paradiso
Gio‘ Cervi’s Blues (Studio session)
When Dad Is Coming
Gio‘ Cervi’s Ballad (Studio session)
Dark Theme
Cool Blues
Free Up
Gio‘ Cervi’s Anatole (Studio session)
Gio‘ Cervi’s Ballad (Set session)
Sette Ottavi
Nightingale Song
Gio‘ Cervi’s Blues (Set session)
The Shooting
Gio‘ Cervi’s Anatole (Set session)

Original Music composed and arranged by PAOLO FRESU


Paolo Fresu: trumpet and fluehorn
Tino Tracanna: tenor and soprano saxophone
Roberto Cipelli: piano
Attilio Zanchi: bass
Ettore Fioravanti: drums
Max Carletti : special guest on guitar

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