Kenny-Werner-No-Beginning-No-End CD Cover

Kenny Werner’s „No Beginning No End“

Winner of the 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship Award, Kenny Werner’s „No Beginning No End“ with Joe Lovano & Judi Silvano is a magnum opus with Woodwinds, Voices & Strings.

Kenny-Werner-No-Beginning-No-End CD Cover
Kenny Werner – "No End No Beginning" with Joe Lovano & Judi Silvano

His deeply personal tribute to daughter Katheryn is a triumphant work of composed and improvised music, Classical and Jazz, performed by nearly 100 musicians and highlighted by saxophonist Joe Lovano and vocalist Judi Silvano.

No Beginning, No End is a milestone composition and recording, as much for its creative reach as for the emotional terrain it examines.

In Werner’s own words, it is „The most important music I’ll ever write.“ A career high point.

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